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4" Patriot

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  1. Great level 1 and 2 kit!

    Posted by Stephen C Stanford on 30th Nov 2017

    Great 1/4 scale kit! I went with the 54mm motor mount option and the removable E-bay. I had to stack adapters on my level 1 cert flight as I was using an Aerotech 29mm H180W but it was a beautiful flight! I'll also be getting my level 2 with it soon on an Aerotech J270W.

  2. Awesome L1 Kit

    Posted by T.J. on 24th May 2017

    Builds as easy as an Estes kit, just much bigger! All of the supplied hardware was top-notch, and flew like a laser beam off the rail on an H123W!

  3. Level 1 and Level 2 Kit

    Posted by Buster on 28th Sep 2015

    Got both my Level 1 and Level 2 with this kit and a 38mm Motor. I highly recommend this kit with the removable altimeter bay. You can do everything you need to get experience for Level 3. 3,000 ft + flyer on 38 MM Motors.

  4. Fantastic scale Patriot

    Posted by Tony on 3rd Apr 2015

    There's only two ways that this kit could be better, and both would dictate a steep increase in price. That would be a boat tail and correctly profiled fins.

    That being said, the fin outlines are still to scale, and the rest of the kit is magnificent. I overbuilt mine by a lot, so mine was significantly heavier than the description. Flight weight for me is in the 100-110 ounce range, with a 29mm motor and avionics.

    The parts fit very well, with the exception of the nose cone, which has a smaller outer base diameter than the outer diameter of the body tube. This can either be built up on the nose cone or the body can be sanded down a bit to meet the cone. That is my only gripe.

    The fins fit as close to perfect as possible. Only slight filing of the fin slots were needed. The coupler/av bay fit a little tight for my taste, but that was easily remedied with a bit of sanding. The optional 54mm motor mount I got was great. I again went with the overbuilding and got a 3rd centering ring for in front of the fin tabs. The included hardware, i.e. the all-thread, eye-bolts, etc., were sufficiently sturdy for the build.

    If you've been thinking of building a larger scale Patriot, do not hesitate. This kit is great.


Product Description


High Power Rocket
Heavy Duty Plastic Nose Cone
1/4" Plywood Laser Cut Fins and Rings
Delrin Rail Buttons
Dual Deployment Capable
Cut Vinyl Decal
Pre-slotted Airframe
9/16" Tubular Nylon Shock Cord


Length: 52.5"
Diameter 4.0"
Weight: 44oz
Motor Mount: 38mm or 54mm
Fins: 1/4" Plywood

Optional Recovery System:

Nylon Chute 36"
Chute Blast Protector 12" x 12"

Optional Altimeter Bay:

Altimeter Bay - 4" Airframe
Removable Altimeter Bay - 4" Airframe


The PATRIOT is the U.S. Army's most advanced air defense system. Capable of defeating both high performance aircraft and tactical ballistic missiles, it is the only operational air defense system that can shoot down attacking missiles. A PATRIOT battery (i.e., the basic firing unit) consists of a phased array radar, an engagement control station, computers, power generating equipment, and up to eight launchers, each of which holds four ready-to-fire missiles. There are about 90 soldiers assigned to a battery, but three soldiers in the engagement control station are the only personnel required to operate the battery in combat. The first combat use of PATRIOT occurred in Saudi Arabia and Israel during Operation Desert Storm.

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